About Us

For 42 years, The Scheffey Group has been a respected manufacturers’ representative of contract office furniture in Southern California. Founded in 1976 by John Scheffey, the company continues to represent contract furniture to architects, designers, corporate users, and government entities.

The Scheffey Group team includes John Scheffey, President, John’s sons, Josh and Harrison, and John’s daughter, Blake.  The Scheffey Group area includes the counties of Orange, Riverside, San Bernardo, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura and the San Fernando Valley.

The respected status of The Scheffey Group attracts top name lines, and the service their clients receive is beyond all others. You are in good hands when you work with The Scheffey Group!

sizedjohnJohn Scheffey
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he worked in the contract furniture industry for years, John eventually made his way out west to Los Angeles and opened The Scheffey Group in 1977.  His mustache and glasses soon became recognized fixtures at local dealerships, A&D firms, and manufacturers’ showrooms.  As President, John oversees the operations of the company and has been the primary rep for the Los Angeles area for over 35 years.  He somehow convinced three of his four children to work for the company.  So it truly is The Scheffey Group!

sizedblakeBlake Scheffey
Blake is the latest addition to The Scheffey Group.  She handles Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, and San Luis Obispo.

sizedjoshJosh Scheffey
After graduating from university in Dallas, TX and working in the healthcare industry in Houston, TX thereafter, Josh made his way back home to Los Angeles around twelve years ago. Luckily Josh knew a guy who had a job and shortly after his return became a salesman in the greater Los Angeles area for The Scheffey Group. Being an Eagle Scout, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, marathon runner and spends most of his time off fly fishing. Josh did not fall far from the tree and shares the same virtues as his father, John: honesty, hard work and reliability. Whether you need information on contract furniture or which fly to use when fishing, Josh is your man.

sizedharrHarrison Scheffey
The second son of John Scheffey, Harrison started in the industry at eighteen working for a local furniture dealer. After learning the ropes he was drafted by The Scheffey Group to help around the office. Nine years later Harrison wears many hats for our company including being in sales, running the showroom and supporting our dealers, designers and end users. Having grown up hearing the line, “it’s only furniture,” Harrison has created a light, positive work environment while providing prompt and thorough service for our clients.